La Jolla, CA Shark Kills Skindiver, June 1959


La Jolla, Calif. (AP) -- A shark killed a skindiver while several persons watched from the beach 50 yards away Sunday.
No trace was found of husky ROBERT PAMPERIN, 33, a San Diego aircraft engineer.
"I was swimming about 15 feet from Bob," said his companion, TOM LEHRER, 30.
"I heard him calling, 'Help me, help me!'"
"I swam over to him. He was thrashing in the water and I could tell he was fighting a shark. It was so big I thought at first it was a killer whale," he said. "It had a white belly and I could see its jaws and jagged teeth. It was a whopper -- about 12 feet. It was between me and Bob and I could see him kicking his legs at it but it kept biting at him."
LEHRER said he popped to the surface.
"But it was too late to do anything. Bob just went out of sight and I couldn't find him. So I swam to shore."

Kingsport Times Tennessee 1959-06-15


Name correction

Gerald/Jerry, not Tom Lehrer. Confirmed with Jerry 5/11/2013