Glendale, CA Interceptor Plane Crashes, Nov 1941


Glendale, Calif., Nov. 4. -- (AP) -- Plowing into a house from an altitude of 1800 feet, a Lockheed P-38 interceptor plane burst into flames today and killed its pilot, RALPH VIRDEN, forty-three, a Lockheed test pilot.
The plane developed trouble shortly after it circled the Lockheed airport, where F. B. Berger, chief tower operator, said it went into a power dive with the tail missing and broke into a flat spin just before it smashed into the house.
The plane exploded and flames shot up from the wreckage. The house was burning fiercely within a few minutes.
VIRDEN, who lives in North Hollywood, formerly was a pilot for United Air Lines. He is married and has a nineteen-year-old son, Ralph, Jr.

Reno Evening Gazette Nevada 1941-11-04