Sacramento, CA Bridge Collapses, Aug 1972


Sacramento (AP) -- One man remained in critical condition Friday after an accident in which tons of construction steel collapsed onto four-lane U.S. 50 from an uncompleted freeway overpass, crushing three vehicles and injuring at least 11 persons.
A spokesman for Sacramento Medical Center said ERNEST DEAN, 25, of Rio Linda was in critical condition with serious head injuries and numerous other injuries.
Earlier, DARYL DAVIS, 34, of Rancho Cordova was removed from the critical list and his condition was described as satisfactory. Of the other nine injured, five remained hospitalized Friday.
The accident occurred about 7:30 p.m. Thursday, just as two cars and a camper truck were driving under the unfinished overpass in the eastern part of the capital city.
Girder-sized steel beams, being used to support the overpass while the overpass concrete cured, suddenly gave way, falling like dominoes, witnesses said.
Louis Brown, a California Highway Patrol spokesman, said the cause of the collapse still was not known.
The road was back in service Friday with little trace of the accident except for hundreds of burnt-out flares littering the pavement. The road was closed for five hours while workmen freed the injured and cleaned up debris.

Star News Pasadena California 1972-08-25


Daryl Davis

Daryl Davis was my Father, Mark Davis', Father. While the article is accurate in that he was released in satisfactory condition, he ended up dying from this accident. I'm getting married next week and I was searching for an old photograph of him and my grandmother, possibly from her obituary, and came across this article. I remember finding the original newspaper clipping in my dads special box of things. I wish I could have met him.

Stu, My brother was married

My brother was married to Ernie's sister at the time. He was a great guy and lucky to have survived the accident.

Thanks for posting the article