Anza, CA Plane Crash, Oct 1933

San Diego Couple Killed in Plane Crash

3 Injured; Son Sees Fatal Spin

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Waugaman Meet Sudden Death; Mrs. Verna La Place May Die; Rarified Air Blamed

While her 17-year-old son watched from another airplane, Mrs. Roy Waugaman and her husband, both of San Diego, spun to their death in an airplane crash on Tripp flat, near Anza in Riverside county, yesterday morning.

Three other passengers in Waugaman’s plane, two of them San Diegans, were injured seriously. Mrs. Verna La Place, operator of a dining room at 810 Ash street, was not expected to live. Both legs were broken, and she suffered fractures of the hip and skull. Lester Purdy, employed at the dining room, was reported in a serious condition with fractures wrist, ribs and a possible skull fracture.

The fifth person in the wrecked ship was Paul Olinger, Anza homesteader. He suffered a broken nose, cuts and possible internal injuries.

Visit Homesteaders

With Ralph Jefferson, Mrs. Waugaman’s son, the San Diego party, had flown to Tripp Flatt in Waugaman’s plane Wednesday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Frederick, formerly of San Diego, who are living on a homestead near there. Wednesday night, Waugaman telephoned to Lindbergh field that he would not return until yesterday.

Yesterday morning Frederick took off from the improvised airport with his wife and young Jefferson in his ship. He watched as Waugaman, his plane loaded, took the air laboriously and swung to miss the mountains that encircle the field. “He had cleared the hills, but his ship stalled and spun in, landing on its nose among boulders on the hilltop.” Frederick said.

Before Frederick could land and reach the wreckage, C.C.C. boys from a nearby camp had extricated the injured. They were taken in automobiles to a hospital at Hemet, and Frederick then brought Jefferson to San Diego. He was inclined to attribute the accident to the heavy load and the rarified air of the mountain flying field.

Married Year Ago

Waugaman, a marine engineer, retired about two years ago and came here from Nome, Alaska. Since then he had divided his time between San Diego and Watsonville, where his mother is living, or San Francisco, friends said yesterday. He was married about a year ago, it was stated.

Mrs. Waugaman is survived also by a daughter, Edith Jefferson, 15, and a married daughter said to be living in Las Vegas, Nev. The Waugaman’s and the two children had been living at 2640 Columbia street since their return from San Francisco a few weeks ago.

Henry Hanes, a brother of Mrs. La Place, left last night for Hemet on receipt of information that his sister was not expected to live. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Hanes, live at 650 West Howard Street, Pasadena, and she has a 9-year-old daughter, Clara. She has lived in San Diego about five years.

San Diego Union, San Diego, CA 6 Oct 1933