Monterey, CA (Off Shore) Two Ships Collide, May 1956


Monterey, Calif. (UP) - A 10,000-ton freighter rammed a small coastal lumber vessel in the pre-dawn darkness off the California coast today, splitting the smaller ship in two and forcing its crewmen to jump into the bitter cold Pacific Ocean.
The coast guard reported three men were killed and 26 were rescued. One man was still missing, and two of those rescued were injured, one believed seriously.
The accident occurred at about 2:53 a.m. off Point Sur, 20 miles south of here and 100 miles south of San Francisco. The Marine Leopard, a 10,662-ton cargo vessel owned by the Luckenbach Steamship Co., rammed and sliced through the 2,477-ton steam schooner Howard Olson, owned by the Oliver J. Olson Co., San Mateo, Calif.
The aft part of the Olson sank within three minutes after the collision and the fore part, deserted of crew, drifted to sea. The Marine Leopold, with a gaping hole in its bow, proceeded to San Francisco.

The Daily Inter Lake Kalispell Montana 1956-05-14