Alameda County, CA Terrible Railroad Wreck, Nov 1869


The California papers contain accounts of a terrible accident, accompanied with great loss of life, which occurred at five minutes past nine, Sunday morning, November 14, on the Western Pacific Railroad, in Alameda County, one and a half miles south of Brooklyn Park Station.
The regular morning train for Stockton being behind time, came in collision with a passenger train of six cars that had left Hayward for Alameda at its regular hour.
Three cars of the Hayward train and four of the Western Pacific were totally ruined in the awful crash. The carnage was horrible!!
Twelve corpses were counted on the spot. Thirty-five persons were taken in a mangled condition from the ruins, though still alive, immediately after the occurrence.
The engines attached to the trains having full head of steam, were smashed to pieces by the shock.
Some were thrown on their heads, others had their limbs jammed and were held fast by the piled up mass for over an hour, until they could be extricated from their horrible confinement. Tables, seats, stoves, furniture, etc., were piled on them, and so firmly fastened by the shock that the greatest efforts were necessary to assist them out.
The following is a list of the killed and wounded:
List of the Killed.
JUDGE A. W. BALDWIN, of the Supreme Court of Nevada. He had left the hindmost car of the Western Pacific train and had gone forward. He was terribly crushed and mutilated. His mother is residing at Oakland with her son-in-law, J. B. Felton.
EDWARD ANDERSON, engineer of the Western Pacific train.
MONSIEUR BOULLET, of Oakland, Principal of the Young Ladies; Seminary.
J. B. McDONALD, Roadmaster of the Vallejo and Sacramento Railroad - he was riding on the engine with ANDERSON.
CHARLES MARTIN, fireman of the Alameda train.
GEORGE THOMPSON, fireman of the Western Pacific train, he was taking instructions from the regular fireman, who saved himself by jumping off.
DAVID WAND, of San Francisco, dry goods merchant on Second Street.
ROBERT OWEN, conductor on the Alameda train, was first carried to the Half-way House, and was afterwards removed to the residence of a friend and died.
JAMES CONNELLY, of Corral Station, San Joaquin County.
MAX EHRMAN, a merchant of San Jose Mission.
D. A. FOX, of Banta Station, San Joaquin County.
H. PETERSON, of Corral Hollow.
F. B. MILLIKEN, brakeman on the Western Pacific train.
An unknown man.
List Of Wounded:
Fourteen of the wounded were taken to the Alameda Asylum. Their names are as follows:
M. L. TAYLOR, of DeKalb, Illinois, injured internally, and it is supposed fatally.
SETH BROMLEY, of Sacramento, pilot of Steam Navigation Company ,brother of George T. Bromley; right leg crushed - afterwards amputated.
G. LEIGHTON, of Rocklyn, Placer County; broken leg.
PHILIP RILEY, of Stockton; shoulder badly injured.
NEAL LANGTOE, carpenter of Western Pacific Railroad; both legs injured.
SIMON MELOCHE, dislocation of the hip.
THOMAS McNULTY, No. 14 Sixth Street - shoemaker - fracture of the knee and flesh wound.
J. R. HELENS, San Francisco; left leg severely injured.
J. F. KAPP, of Pleasanton; right leg severely injured, and head and face lacerated.
PATRICK MEHAN, of Oakland; leg and breast badly bruised.
E. F. FICH, of the Consumnes, school teacher; leg fractured.
C. E. NEEDHAM, of Banta's Station; leg fractured.
J. M. B. HALEY, of San Francisco; leg injured.
JOSEPH T. PERKINS, railroad employee; both legs injured.
There were many others injured who were able to proceed to their homes, return to the city, or were taken to the residence of their friends. Among them were the following:
W. CAMPBELL, U.S. District Attorney of Nevada; fracture of the right leg.
J. P. LOWELL, of Sacramento; both legs badly injured.
GEORGE CADWALADER, of Sacramento; two flesh wounds on the left thigh and laceration of the face.
CAPT. WADSWORTH; badly crushed.
Two Chinamen were badly injured.
One lady was severely cut in the face.
There were a number of others wounded whose names it was impossible to procure.

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