San Pedro, CA Divers Die In Deep Water, Mar 2002


San Pedro, Calif. - A professional diver and his 14-year-old son died in 140 feet of water while searching for a shipwreck.
Three other divers in the party were treated for decompression illness, or the bends. Divers get the bends when they come up too quickly after being in deep water. Gas bubbles in their blood expand and can cause pain, injury and death.
Officials were called when one diver surfaced unconscious and two divers began showing signs of the bends after surfacing. A search began for the missing pair.
Other divers reported seeing the man begin to surface without his son, then quickly turn back, said Los Angeles County lifeguard Capt. Gary Crum.
The 38-year-old father and his son were found unconscious and not breathing 140 feet under water off Cabrillo Beach, near the mouth of the Los Angeles Harbor, said Capt. Russell Walker.
They were pronounced dead shortly after being pulled from the water. Their names were not immediately released.
Walker said lifeguards believe the two stayed down too long.

Indiana Gazette Pennsylvania 2002-03-21