Newhall, CA Head On Auto Crash Kills Seven, Jul 1957


Newhall (UP) - Seven persons, including a family of five were killed Sunday when two cars collided head-on and burst into flames in one of the nation's worst traffic accidents of the long holiday weekend.
The California Highway Patrol said bodies of the victims were burned beyond recognition. There were no survivors.
The crash occurred 10 miles north of here on U.S. Highway 6.
The family was riding in a late model station wagon. Officers said the other car apparently skidded while rounding a curve and crossed the dividing line, smashing into the station wagon.
The gasoline tank of the station wagon exploded upon impact, engulfing both cars in flames and trapping the victims.
Members of the family were:
ROBERT M. BURLSEON, 48, Culver City;
his wife, LUCILLE, 25;
their two daughters, JULIA, 9 months and BRYNN, 7;
and a son, FRED, 2.
The dead in the other car were HENRY G. SMALLBROOK, 68, the driver, and DR. FLOYD ALFRED SVEC, 40, both of Los Angeles.

Press-Courier Oxnard California 1957-07-08