Vallejo, CA Train Jumps Tracks, Jan 1904


Engineer Killed Beneath Wreck


Attempts to Stop Train When Engine Goes Over Embankment, Killing Engineer

[Special Dispatch to The Call]

VALLEJO, Jan. 4 -- While running backward at a rate of 25 miles an hour a Southern Pacific locomotive jumped the track on the main line three miles from here this morning, turned over on its side at the foot of an embankment and pinned under and crushed to death Charles Rossina of Napa, the engineer.

Fireman Guy Cameron of Benicia was caught in the wreckage and terribly scalded by the steam which poured from a broken pipe. He extricated himself, and although suffering from fearful injuries, which might prove fatal, rushed heroically down the track in the direction from which a train was expected in order to flag it and prevent a more serious accident.

A woman living near the scene of the wreck witnessed the accident and the action of the fireman. She telephoned to the railroad company at Vallejo and a relief and wrecking train was hurried to the spot.

Cameron was taken to the railroad hospital at Oakland by a special train and his injured treated. The surgeons hold out little hope for his recovery.

The accident happened near Flosden, between Vallejo and Cement.

Engineer Rossini's locomotive was attached to the Wingo flyer and when it reached Napa Junction this morning it was found that the supply of oil was nearly exhausted. Rossini cut loose from his train and ran down to South Vallejo for fuel, taking out locomotive No. 1418 and proceeding back ward to Napa Junction, where his train was waiting.

When near Flosden, the rear trucks of the tender jumped the track and the locomotive careened, running on the ties for 100 feet. At the edge of the fill it toppled over, carrying both engineer and fireman down with it.

Rossini fell under the cab and was killed instantly.

Cameron, on the other side of the engine cab, tried to jump, but was caught in the falling locomotive and crushed against the end of a steam pipe. His clothing was saturated with the scalding water, and he tried to tear off his garments. He rushed down the track to warn an approaching train. He was founder later laying along side the track in an unconscious condition.

Rossini had been in the employ of the railroad company for a great many years and leaves a widow and four months' old baby who resides in Napa. Cameron's home was in Benicia where his parents ride. He also has a sister, Miss Florence Cameron, residing at the Hotel Van Dorn, San Francisco.

San Francisco Call Bulletin, San Francisco, CA 5 Jan 1910