San Diego, CA Gunboat BENNINGTON Explosion, Jul 1905

After the Explosion Before the Disaster Bennington Memorial In San Diego After The Explosion Removing Bodies

Injured At Agnew Hospital.
WILLIAM E. STAUB, scalded slightly.
S. ACKROM, scalded face, arms and legs.
S. TAKATE, scalded slightly.
W. A. HAWLEY, scalded seriously.
S. A. GRIES, scalded slightly.
ALEX WILSON, scalded head and internally injured.
WILLIAM HELREUTER, scalded legs, back and arms.
P. NIEMAN, scalded legs, face and body; badly hurt.
T. C. SHIVELEY, scalded arms, hands, face and neck.
C. H. HALLETT, scalded on body, all over; badly hurt.
L. R. McCLINTOCK, scalded arms, face and chest.
W. F. WILER, scalded face and arms.
D. SULLIVAN, scalded face, neck, arms, body and legs.
B. McNARRY, scalded slightly.
B. N. FICKWALDER, scalded head, arms, legs and chest; badly hurt.
A. G. WORTHER, scalded legs, hands and face.
W. V. KENNEDY, scalded; entire body.
G. A. TULLY, scalded face, chest and arms.
W. A. BUSHNELL, scalded legs, face, chest and arms; not seriously.
A. INGERSOLL, scalded slightly.
H. C. DEAN, scalded severely.
WALTER J. MARTIN, scalded face, arms and legs; badly hurt.
B. J. SEAVELY, scalded neck and hands.
A. BURG, scalded neck and legs.
O. H. DEDRICK, scalded; left leg fractured.
FRED J. MULLER, scalded head, back and arms.
E. BOERS, scalded; cuts on foot; not serious.
H. A. MELTON, scalded slightly.
G. SCHULTZ, scalded face, chest and arms.
Injured At St. Joseph's.
CHARLES MILLER, scalded hands, face and eyes; severely.
GLEN GRIFFEN, scalded face, neck and hands.
JAMES LESTER (colored), scalded feet and legs.
HARRY N. STEWART, scalded, hands, face and neck.
HARRY E. HISE, commissary steward, burned badly on hands.
EMERY STARKWEATHER, scalded face, hands and feet.
WALTER FARRELL, scalded face and hands.
FRED H. TAYLOR, scalded face and body.
CLAUDE S. WELBORN, scalded face and body.
RAY C. SHEPHERD, scalded face and body; very badly.
Injured At Army Barracks.
G. F. KNOX, scalded left hand and arms.
W. PFLUGER, scalded both feet and legs; also foot sprained.
W. ELSER, scalded back and legs.
G. STROEBEL, scalded both arms and legs.
F. MILLER, both arms burned; severely.
J. O. HANLON, scalded hands and face; severely.
J. CONNELL, injuries to head.
H. KNOBLOCH, scalded back and arms.
W. CRONAN, scalded hands.
Injured At Private Residence.
C. G. WHEELER, scalded face and arms.
Of those injured it is estimated by Dr. M. H. Foster of the United States Marine service, in charge of the injured, that at least ten will die within the next day or two.

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