Maryetta Island, CA Steamer INDEPENDENCE Wreck, Feb 1853


One Hundred and Fifty to Two Hundred Lives Lost !!

NEW ORLEANS, April 23.
The steamer United States, from Aspinwall, arrives here to-day, with dates from California to the 1st inst.
The steamer Independence was lost on the 16th Feb., having run ashore on the shoals of Maryetta Island, where she took fire and burnt. Five hundred passengers were on board, all of whom leaped into the water, and tried to swim ashore, and 150 were lost. Maryetta Island is upon the coast of Lower California. After striking, the Independence backed off, but finding 8 feet of water in her hold, CAPT. SAMPSON ordered the pilot to run her on the beach, at a spot 300 yards from land. Then the ship took fire from the intense heat from the furnace. The flames spreading rapidly and creating the most frightful consternation among the passengers. A heavy surf running, all the boats were swamped trying to make the shore. To add to the horrors of the scene, the fire reached the powder magazine, which exploded with terrible force, and shattering the steamer's stern and scattering the fragments in every direction.
Many of the passengers were blown into the sea, and others jumped in and were immediately carried off by the strong current that was sweeping from the shore. Many who had previously reached the shore were unable to give any assistance and were obliged to remain passive spectators of hundreds of men, women and children perishing by fire and by sea.
The number lost has been variously estimated as from 150 to 200.
The ship finally swung round broadside to the beach, when her coal also took fire and she was totally destroyed.
The passengers who were saved found themselves on an uninhabited island, without water, where they remained fifty-six hours in a state of intense suffering. Finally by firing a cannon, they were enabled to attract the attention of some whaling vessels lying in Magdalene Bay, a few miles off, who came to their assistance with provisions and finally took them off.

Beaver Dam Republican Wisconsin 1853-05-04

Passengers Lost
WM. ALDER, Tennessee; J. ABRAHAM, Ohio; J. ALLEN, Texas; CAUNCEY, San Jose; E. COLLINS and two children, England; MORRIS COLLIN, Albany; MISS. J. BENECUM, St. Louis; J. BAUM, New Jersey; M. M. BERWIN, Tenn.; M. BERWIN, Tenn.; E. BAKER, Mass; WILLIAM DOYLE, N. Y.; P. FRANCIS, England; O. HALE, Mass.; J. G. HUTCH, Texas; MARY AND MARIA INGOLLS, Oregon; JOHNSON, Boston; T. JONES, N. Y.; R. A. KNOX, R. I.; J. KELLEY, New Orleans; J. M. LAROE, Valparaiso; S. P. LEMAN and two children, Miss.; J. P. LUCE, Conn.; MARTHA LACKEY, Georgia; E. LIGHT, N. Y.; J. LIGHT, do.; JOHN SCHMIDT, Mo.; SIMEON TAYLOR, N. H.; R. TAYLOR, Boston; MRS. APRES and child, Ga.; W. ABRAHAM, Eng.; A. A. CARINGTON and wife, Ark.; MRS. M. A. CARNE and child, Eng.; WM. BROWN, Mass.; G. BERMIN, Tenn.; PHILIP BAKER, Mass.; E. BLOCK, Albany; R. DAVY, Eng.; M. FROST, Germany; WILLIAM LEONARD, N. Y.; R. MOSHER, do.; J. MYERS, do.; E. C. MARVIN, Pa.; MARY MURPHY, Boston; W. M. MUFFIN, N. Y.; W. S. MOUITON, Mass.; DAVID NICHOLS, Georgia; T. O'NEIL, T. OBERLEE, N. Y.; WM. PLED, La.; S. PRUDEN, N. Y.; A. REYNOLDS, N. J.; J. SPARHAWK, N. H.; W. A. SCHOFIELD, Pa.; CHAS. A. WARD, N. Y.; BARBARA WHITEMAN, N. O.; ANN WELCH, Boston; T. M. WILSON, Pa.; HARTMAN, N. Y.
WM. ARGALL, Wis.; J. ABRAHAM, Ohio; MISS. J. BANECUM, St. Louis; S. BARNUM, O.; ALEX BROWN, Mich.; G. W. BOSWELL, Ill.; H. FORD; W. GREILNER and WIFE, Cin.; MRS. HOWLAND and 3 boys, Wis.; J. T. JEFFRIES, O.; J. C. KOLB; MORRIS KEMP; ASA KETTRIDGE, Ill.; JOHN STEVENS, Wis.; J. B. TART, Mo.; CHAS. TEATS, Cin.; C. O. TAYLOR (child), Mo.; JAS. TALLON, St. Louis; ____ VENTROFF, Ill., E. ABRAHM, O.; C. J. COOTS (boy), St. Louis; A. CARMICHAEL, Ohio; W. BATEMAN, Ohio; ______ BREWINGTON, St. Louis; W. BIGNELL, Mich.; MRS. E. DROWN, Iowa; E. GARRETT, Ohio; CHAS. GRANNIS, Ill.; JNO. MASTERMAN, Ill.; W. H. McCANDLES, Ohio; W. NEWELL, Ill.; H. J. ROBERTS, Wis.; A. SCOTT, Ohio; BENJ. WARD, Mich.; A. WATSON (boy), St. Louis; B. M. WEDDELL, Ia.; ZIM HENRY, In.

Crew Lost
M. O'HARA, storekeeper; C. ANTONY, 1st Cook, after galley; CHARLES, 3d do.; Second Cook, forward galley; JNO. SEAMAN; WM. LEONARD, waiter; EDWARD KELLY, waiter; MARIA WILSON, Stewardess; Assistant butcher; C. JEWELL, fireman; PETER LIEN, Coalpasser; WM. SMITH, Seaman; WM. BROOK, Pantryman; THOMAS JONES, 2d do.; McNELLY, waiter.

(Note: The above listings were taken from the following newspaper.)
Independent American Platteville Wisconsin 1853-05-06