Torrence, CA Airplane Crashes Into Home, Oct 1957


8 Inside Dwelling Escape

A light plane, apparently crippled after striking a power line, crashed into a home at 2517 Dalemead St. Torrance, last night, seriously injuring the pilot and his three teen-age passengers.

A month-old baby, one of eight occupants of the home, narrowly escaped death when a heavy beam from the garage door was driven against a bedroom wall near where she was sleeping.

Neither she nor others in the house were injured.

The pilot was Dr. Edward W. Knutsen, 40, of 2317 Torrance Blvd., Torrance. With him were his stepson, David Bottrell; Ronnie Adams, 1609 Acadia St., and Jack Rood, 1508 Amapola St., all 13 years of age.

All Four Injured.

The physician and his son both suffered head injuries. Adams had a chest injury and a fractured leg and Rood a spinal fracture. All were treated at Harbor General Hospital.

Torrance Police Officers Lee Ashman and Gene Erbetts saw the crash from a nearby street where they were parked in their car. Ashman said the plane struck a power line about a quarter of a mile from the home before the crash.

Robert James Carney, owner of the home, said the lights flickered on and off just before the plane crashed.

"We saw a big red light coming our way." he said, "and we thought it was a plane, but we didn't know whether it was going to hit our house or one nearby.

Occupants of House

With Carney in the home were his wife Carmelita, their children, Mario, 3, and Sandra, 17 months; two nieces, Evelyn Magallimez, 2, and her sister Francine, 1 month, both of Gardena, and two guests, Peter Ruiz and his wife Elizabeth of 822 Opp St., Wilmington.

Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA 14 Oct 1957


THANKS for posting - Genealogy reference

You just never know what will help: This article mentions David Bottrell. He was an adopted son of Dr. Edward Knutson and I had never been able to identify his birth name before.
Thank you!