San Bernardino, CA Drowning Rescue, Dec 1957

2 Boys Saved by Man From Flood Ditch

A San Bernardino man who spotted a feeble fluttering in a rain-filled flood-control ditch yesterday rescued two neighborhood boys from drowning.

Frank Gallagher, 35, was leaving his home at 2778 Mill St. when he saw movement in the water of the ditch, which runs along his street.

Gallagher ran to investigate.

In five feet of water, struggling to keep afloat, was 9 year old John Nikkel of 437 S. Pampas St., Rialto. He pulled the boy out on the bank and then probed through the muddy water for other victims.

His groping hands found 6 year old Michael Tuey of 461 S. Pampas St., who was lying on the bottom unconscious.

Gallagher managed to revive Michael, John had been trying to rescue Michael and had gone under twice.

Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA 19 Dec 1957