Rockaway Beach, CA Fishing Trawler Explosion, Dec 1931

Four Seamen Escape From Burning Ship

Make Way to Shore in Small Craft During Blinding Rain.

SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Dec. 20 (AP). - Storm-tossed and in a blinding rain, four men who escaped from the burning fishing trawler Abraham Lincoln of San Diego, made their way to shore Sunday night in a small boat at Rockaway Beach, twenty miles south of San Francisco.

One of the men, Capt. Frank Sanfilippo, was so seriously burned that physicians at Mission Emergency Hospital, where he was taken for treatment, said they expected him to die.

Joe Carral, a member of the crew, was also brought to the hospital, but was not believed seriously injured. The other two men, Filomene Pelal and Dominic Piero, were uninjured.

The vessel, only fifty feet long, caught fire approximately seven miles offshore and sank.

Sanfilippo said the fire was started by the explosion of a stove.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 12 Dec 1931