Denver, CO Died From Cold, Jan 1912


Aged Man Freezes to Death in Cabin, While Injured Ranchman's Body Found Frozen.

DENVER, Col., Jan. 8.---The intense cold has claimed the lives of two persons in Colorado within the past twenty-four hours. Middletown Curnow, seventy, was found dead in a little house in one of the poorer districts of Denver. Exposure to the cold had killed the aged man who refused to leave his cabin that had been his home for years and in which his wife died several years ago. The frozen body of T. D. Savage, a wealthy ranchman who disappeared December 23, was also found near Grand Junction. He had evidently fallen and hurt his leg, having frozen to death because he was unable to summon help.

The weather bureau promises a trifle warmer weather today after a Sunday of phenomenal changes in temperatures. at 1 o'clock Sunday morning it was one below zero, and at 7 o'clock five below. Then a rapid rise followed and at 2 p.m. it was forty-nine above. Again the mercury dropped and at 8 o'clock it was two above. This made a total change of 101[?] degrees in thirteen hours.

Lincoln Evening News, Lincoln, NE 8 Jan 1912