Grand Junction, CO Private Plane Crash, Apr 1960


Grand Junction (AP) -- A man and a girl, both of Grand Junction, were killed in the crash of a light plane Sunday night.
MICHAEL LUSHER, 27, and LUCY ANN ROSE, 17, were dead when an ambulance reached St. Marys Hospital. The single-engine craft plunged to earth 200 yards short of Walker Field as the pilot made a landing approach.
An official of Grand Valley Airport, which owned the plane, said it had been taken up without permission.
Airfield observers said the plane apparently went into a stall on a turn. LUSHER was a private pilot with about 300 hours of flying time.
This was the first fatal crash in the 15-year history of Walker Field. A Federal Aviation Agency safety team was expected here today to investigate.

The Greeley Daily Tribune Colorado 1960-04-04