Globeville, CO Interurban Cars Collide, Sep 1920



Denver, Colo., Sept. 6. -- Ten persons were killed and seventy injured when two interurban cars collided head-on on a curve just outside of Globeville, a suburb of Denver, this afternoon.
Tonight all but one of the dead had been identified.
A special car on a train carrying a load of holiday pleasure seekers to El Dorado Springs, a well-known resort, collided with a regular car returning from Boulder to Denver on the Denver & Interurban Railway.
According to officials in charge of the Globeville station, the conductor of the outbound car failed to obtain orders to wait at Globeville for the incoming car. The incoming car was two minutes behind schedule and was running at high speed to make up the time. When the cars struck they plowed into each other for a distance of fifteen feet.
Most of the casualties occurred on the inbound car, but few on either car escaped without injury.
At least two persons were killed when they jumped in an attempt to save themselves, according to T. R. ZERINO of Louisville, Colo., who was on the inbound car.
As soon as word of the wreck was received in Denver, a squad of the soldiers here in connection with the tramway strike was rushed to the scene.
Conductor J. W. SCHULTZ, who was in charge of the outbound car, declared that he received orders at Globeville to go on. Agent Richards of the Interurban Company at Globeville, declared that he must have gotten the wrong orders, as he should have waited for the inbound car to pass him at Globeville.
All of the dead were from Colorado points.

Galveston Daily News Texas 1920-09-07