Denver, CO Hotel Accidents, June 1934


(Associated Press)
Denver, June 4. -- Marking the second fatal accident of its kind at the same place in two days a man, about 30, who had registered as
"R. J. GADDY, Atlanta, Ga.," leaped or fell to his death from the window of the second floor of a Curtis Street hotel tonight. He was still breathing when witnesses to his plunge reached him but he died within a few minutes.
Yesterday, HERMAN H. CLINE, Hollywood singer, was killed after falling from a fourth floor window. In his plunge, CLINE'S body struck and shattered a window in the room then occupied by GADDY, Mrs. P. Paul Wilson, hotel proprietor said. GADDY was then assigned to a room on the floor below. He fell to the bottom of the same court in which CLINE died.
Police said they found no notes or other clues that might supply the motive for GADDY'S act. They found an unmailed letter in his room addressed to Ben L. Chaslein, in care of Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing company, at Atlanta. They also discovered in his effects a business card with General Electric company at Phoenix and a letter addressed to GADDY at offices of American Potash company at Carlsbad, N.M.
Police said the letter to Chaslein revealed GADDY was employed only about six months by the Carlsbad company and that he had had prospects of employment at Idaho Springs, Colo.
Mrs. Wilson said GADDY came to the hotel May 19.

Greeley Daily Tribune Colorado 1934-06-05