Denver, CO Train Wreck, Sept 1901


Denver, Sept. 23. --- Nine cars and a locomotive were practically demolished and thirteen men were injured, three of them seriously, in a wreck on the South Park line of the Colorado & Southern railway last Saturday night. The accident occurred at Webster, a station seven miles this side of Kenosha summit, at 11:45 o'clock, and the injured men were yesterday brought to St. Luke's hospital, this city. The seriously injured are:
WEBSTER BALLINGER, engineer, lives at 2101 Downing avenue, Denver; nephew of Representative WEBSTER BALLINGER of Park county. Lower part of chest crushed; serious.
JOHN CARLSON of Como; leg broken and bruised and may have to be amputated.
W. A. PHILLIPS, laborer; right thigh bone broken and flesh crushed; and may require amputation.

The train wrecked was No. 82 mixed freight and passenger. Besides one passenger coach there was a tool and bunk car in which a large number of laborers who had been working on the grade near Como were being brought back to Denver. The train was coming down the Kenosha hill at thirty-five miles an hour when the engine left the rails. Nine cars, including the bunk car, followed the locomotive down the bank and all of them were demolished. When the wreckage was cleared away it was found that all except three men were only slightly hurt. The wrecked cars were loaded with ore and bullion from Leadville and with lumber.

The track was torn up for several car lengths and travel was blocked until yesterday afternoon. Just why the train left the track will not be known until after an investigation.

New Castle Nonpareil Colorado 1901-09-27