Eden, CO Train Wreck, Oct 1892



A Cow On the Track Caused a Catastrophe near Eden.

The Santa Fe local freight train No. 46, engine No. 443, running between Pueblo and Colorado Springs, was wrecked near Eden at 12:20 o'clock Sunday morning. Three men were killed, or are supposed to be dead. As their bodies are under the wreckage.

They are the engineer, fireman and the head brakeman. Eight cars and the engine and piled in one mass at the side of the track, and coal and freight of every description are scattered broadcast.
The men killed are JOSEPH MILLER, engineer; C. C. McCUNE, fireman, and ARCHIE BUCHANAN, head brakeman.

The wreck was first discovered by the trainmen of the Rio Grande passenger train which passes this place at 12:15. The two roads at this point run almost parallel with each other. The wreck was immediately reported to Colorado Springs and the superintendent and dispatcher at Pueblo proceeded to the scene.

The conductor and the brakeman who was unhurt went, one in each direction, to flag approaching trains, and their comrades were left in the ruins that others might be protected.

It was found that the wreck was cause by the engine striking a cow. The wrecking of the engine, tender and cars was complete and the track was torn up.

The three men were evidently killed instantly, and their bodies were badly crushed.

White Pine Cone Colorado 1892-10-14