Denver, CO Tent Blown Down, Jul 1903


Denver, July 14. --- Without a moment's warning yesterday afternoon the great Tent Endeavor was blown down at 4:10 o'clock. The most remarkable feature of the disaster is that no one was seriously hurt. At the time the tent collapsed there were fully 6,000 people under it. When they were listening to REV. S. J. HORSEFIELD of Bristol, Eng., who was telling what America might learn from England. The bell was rung as soon as the wind sprang up and the ushers were at their places in a moment to pull up the sides of the tent, but it was too late, and before an attempt was made to pull up the sides the tent had fallen and the thousands were buried under the folds of canvas.

PERCY FOSTER, the leader of the singing, held his place on the platform and shouted to the people to keep their seats and be calm, and he was ably assisted by others on the platform and throughout the assembly.

Fourteen were more or less injured and taken to the hospital tent, but it was found that no one had been even seriously hurt. MRS. THORNBERG of Denver, living at 1226 South Fourteenth street, received the worst injuries. She was hit across the forehead by one of the electric lights as it fell. A few stitches had to be taken in the wound, but she was able to go home in a carriage and will recover in a few days. Others were more frightened than injured. All either went home in a carriage or were taken to their homes or rooming places.

The tent was valued at about $4,000 and the loss will be heavy.

Thanksgiving services were held in the large downtown churches last night for the remarkable delivery from what might have been an awful disaster.

Summit County Journal Colorado 1903-07-18