Denver, CO Belmont Hotel Fire Fatal To Four, Sep 1908


Many Jumped from Windows of the Blazing Belmont in Denver.

Denver, Col., Sept. 8 -- Five men lost their lives and a score of persons were injured, several of them seriously, in a fire that destroyed the Belmont Hotel, a three-story building, at 1,723 Stout Street, this morning. The dead:
BURTELL, GEORGE, Pullman conductor, suffocated.
BODE, GEORGE, Middletown, N. Y., died in hospital of injuries received by jumping.
KANE, JOHN D., Colorado Springs, suffocated.
MOORE, EDWARD, aged 55, real estate agent, Philadelphia, killed by jumping.
OTT, GEORGE, Dodge City, Kas., died at hospital of injuries received by jumping.

The injured are:
WILLIAM E. LEWIS, brakeman, will die.
MRS. W. A. LANHAM, badly burned about face and body.
W. A. LANHAM, hands and face burned.
F. J. BOWDEN, City Slerk of Silverton, Col, two scalp wounds, jumped from second story.
O. E. KLINGER, formerly proprietor of The Silverton Standard, back wrenched in jumping from second story.
CHARLES F. STEWART, candymaker, wrist broken and bruises, jumped from third-story window.
MELVIN PARKER, Hillsdale, Mich., serious burns on face, arms and legs.
MRS. LYDIA PARKER, badly burned and bruised.
EDWARD KELSEE, hands and face burned.
THOMAS TAYLOR, pipeman Engine 5, broken ankle.

PATRICK TREADWELL, a fireman of Cripple Creek, Col., who was stopping in the Belmont when the fire started, is credited with having saved at least ten lives by inducing entrapped guests to jump from the upper story windows across a five-foot alley to the roof of an adjoining building and catching them in his arms. More than a score of persons jumped from windows before the fire department arrived.

Nearly 100 guests were staying in the hotel. It was thought at first that the fire was incendiary, but a later conclusion was that it was caused by defective wiring.

Within the last week half a dozen small fires, believed to have been of incendiary origin, have occurred in rooming houses in this city.

The New York Times New York 1908-09-09