Lamar, CO Little Cat Creek & Mud Creek Tornado, Jul 1915



Doctors Find Over Score in Serious Condition as Result of Tornado in Little Hat Creek Section.

Western Newspaper Union News Service.
Lamar, Colo. --- Two children dead and twenty-two people so badly injured that they are confined to their beds under medical care, with heavy loss to the crops, is the result so far compiled of a terrific plains tornado, accompanied by hail, which raged on the night of the 29th in the remote Little Cat creek and Mud creek sections, twenty miles southwest. All reports agree that nothing is left of scores of claim shacks on homesteads in the districts.

That the storm was a regular Kansas cyclone there is no doubt. As investigations of the stricken districts progress, new losses are learned and new accounts of the freak happenings that accompany such storms are reported.

The dead are CLETIS BAKER, 4, who was struck by debris when the LON BAKER residence was blown down, and his sister LOTHA, 10, who died at a local hospital from injuries received at the same time. The mother is prostrated with grief and is reported to be badly hurt and threatened with pneumonia.

MR. and MRS. AUBREY MARKHAM, neighbors of the BAKERS, are reported injured.

Two local physicians who were sent to the Mud creek district as soon as news of the storm reached here, returned with the report that is was worse than had been believed. They found twenty-two people so badly hurt that they were unable to help themselves.

Mayor C. F. COOK of Lamar and Register A. L. BEAVERS of the federal land office here headed an auto rescue party, which was hurriedly made up to carry food supplies into the Little Cat district when it was learned how severe the storm had been.

Plateau Voice Colorado 1915-07-09