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Cheraw, CO Train - Automobile Wreck, May 1914



Motor Car Filled With Members of Ordway Baseball Team Wrecked in Deep Cut.

Western Newspaper Union News Service.
La Junta, Colo. --- Two were killed, one is dying and two others are believed to be fatally injured as a result of a Santa Fe passenger train crashing into an automobile at Cheraw, near here. The automobile was filled with members of the Ordway baseball team, which played a game with the Cheraw team at the latter place and the men were on their way home.

The accident occurred on a railroad crossing in a deep cut. Inability of the chauffeur to see the approaching train is given as the cause of the accident.

The dead: REUBEN ZINN, 26, first baseman Ordway team; TONY PETERS, 27, Denver, right fielder of the Ordway team.

Fatally Injured: RAY WANSTEAD, 23, chauffeur, chest crushed; CHARLES GARRET, 21, Ordway pitcher, both legs broken, chest crushed; OSCAR GOETZ, 19, second baseman; skull fractured, injured internally.

CLARENCE MELVER, 11, mascot, was cut and bruised. The car was struck squarely and flung far from the track. Uninjured members of the baseball team cared for the injured until medical assistance arrived.

Plateau Voice Colorado 1914-05-29

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