Salida, CO Train Wreck, Dec 1899



A Rear-End Collision Near Salida Caused by Two Trains Running Too Close Together.

Salida, Colo., Dec. 5. --- The Denver & Rio Grande siding six miles east of Salida, known as English, was the scene of a disastrous wreck yesterday morning.

The list of killed and wounded is as follows:
CHARLES E. OSGOOD, of the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company, Denver.
H. R. MATTHEWS, traveling freight and passenger agent of the Burlington road, Denver.
MRS. GEORGE PORTER, wife of Engineer PORTER of the Denver & Rio Grande railroad, Grand Junction.
A. M. JOHNSTON, Oberlin, Ohio.
Injured seriously:
THOMAS M. GERMAN, 2825 (may be 2823) Downing avenue, Denver.
GEORGE W. PIERCE, prominent mine operator, 1540 Sherman avenue, Denver.
J. E. BROWN, Canon City.

It was a rear-end collision, the blame for which, if any exists, will be hard to place, because of the peculiar circumstances from which the accident arose.

Narrow gauge passenger train No. 5, bound for Montrose, was run into by the Grand Junction broad gauge No. 15 which was following but a few minutes behind.

The narrow gauge had been flagged at English by a quarryman. It was brought to a sudden stop. The train said that a mule had stuck fast in a small bridge just ahead and he stopped the train to prevent a wreck.

He was told of the broad gauge which was following close, and he ran back to flag No. 15, but before he could get back to the end of the standing train his lantern went out, and, as it was quite dark, train No. 15 came thundering along and was almost on top of its luckless predecessor before the engineer of the broad gauge got a flash of the rear lights of the sleeper and reversed his engine.
It was too late, however, to materially check the impetus of the heavy train. With a fearful crash and a shriek it went against and into the inert train, the engine forcing its way some distance into the superstructure of the sleeping car "Durango" wrecking it and also the coach ahead.

New Castle Nonparell Colorado 1899-12-07