Denver, Co Airplane Crash, Apr 1928

H. E. Larue, pilot, Loren Craven and Dietrich were fatally injured when the machine went into a tail spin, and fell in flames near Lowry Field, Denver.

Tail Spin Fatal

The flaming airplane carried three men to their deaths at Denver when H. E. Larue, Denver pilot, was unable to bring the ship out of a tail spin.

Larue head of the Aidcraft Transport company here, took off with Loren Craven, Littleton, Colo., and Emil Dietrich, Brighton, Colo., as passengers.

Observs[sic] said that about fifteen minutes after the take-off; the plane went into a tail spin while banking in a strong wind at a height of about 200 feet and crashed in a cornfield. As it neared the ground it burst into flames.

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 30 Apr 1928