Castle Rock, CO Train Wreck, Dec 1897


Peculiar Wreck on the Rio Grande Near Castle Rock.

Denver, Dec. 12.---A special to the News From Castle Rock, Colo., says:

At half past seven tonight a wreck occurred at a point two miles north of Castle Rock on the Rio Grande, in which 33 men were injured, one or two perhaps fatally. The wreck was the result of a collision between a south bound freight engine and a runaway chair car which started from Castle Rock, having broken the connections with the rest of the train. The car was not part of a passenger train, but contained about 50 of the men who have been employed in this vicinity lately laying rails on the Rio Grande. In its two mile dash it had acquired great headway and when it collided with the engine of the south bound train the engine forced itself half way through the car, smashing the frame of the car and the seats. Only a few are seriously injured. Physicians are attending the injured men, who have been taken to Salida.

The firemen and engineer of the colliding engine escaped injury by jumping. The men on the runaway car did not try to set the brakes on their car, because they did not know it was running away. They thought their train was being drawn by their engine. Most of the injuries are flesh wounds and bruises.

The Injured.

Among the injured are:

C. Nelson, leg broken.
Will O'Neill, shoulder cut.
J. Canfield, head cut.
Will Lett, bruised.
C. E. Garton, head cut. Arthur Milik, son, face cut.
George Murray, face cut.
George Murray, face cut.
J. W. Tate, leg bruised.
C. Dierstein, nose gashed and arm broken.
Pat Cooney, shaken.
Will Thompson, head cut, bruises.
J. Nolan, side wrenched.
M. Gallop, legs wrenched.
George Horn, head and face gashed.
H. L. Bennett, legs cut and bruised.
Eric Scholtz, head gashed.
Tom Kennedy, legs injured. John Ryan, cut.
Emil Profos, legs wrenched.
J. Gallagher, ankle sprained.
P. Whalen, head gashed.
J. Reynolds, foot lacerated.
J. Morey, side sprained.

The Weekly Gazette, Colorado Springs, CO 21 Dec 1897