Husted, CO Train Wreck, Aug 1909

The cause of the wreck is believed to have been the failure of one of the train crews to properly carry out instructions. ASSISTANT GENERAL PASSENGER AGENT WADLEIGH of Denver had received only meagre reports of the wreck shortly after noon today. They confirmed the first reports as to the dead list being five, but who they were was unknown.

Train No. 8 was in charge of CONDUCTOR DALTON and ENGINEER HATWOLD. No. 1 was in charge of CONDUCTOR RISLEY of Denver and ENGINEER JOHNSON of Denver. The engines of both trains went into the ditch. A wrecking train left Pueblo for the scene of the accident.

List of Dead and Injured.

The following is a partial list of dead and injured in Denver & Grande wreck at Husted.

A revised list of dead follows:

C. M. LARKIN, Colorado Springs.
C. S. BROWN, Jericho Springs, Mo.
J. A. GOSSAGE, fireman on engine No. 8, Colorado Springs.
T. E. MURPHY, traveling car agent, Denver.
A. A. DAVIDSON, McPherson, Kas.
F. W. BELESS, Colorado Springs.

The injured:

ANDREW JACOBSON, Oldham, S. D.; internal injuries.
ELMER JOKICH, Virginia Falls, Ill.; leg broken.
J I FRANK, McPherson, Kas.; leg and head cut.
F. J. SEDLACIK, St. Louis; head cut, legs broken.
MRS. T. M. RANDOLPH, Okamulgee, Okla.; internal injuries.
FAY STECK, Kansas City; slightly injured.
JOHN W. ROBERTS, Cambria, Mo.; head cut, legs broken.
E. C. WHITSIDE, Jericho Springs, Mo.; back injured.
HENRY C. SHIPMAN, 1572 Kimball avenue, Chicago; ribs and leg broken.
J. W. LEAFGREN, Axtell, Neb.; legs cut
O. C. SKINNER, Topeka, Kas.; ribs broken.
E. C. TANNEHILL, Des Moines, Ia.; arm broken.
JOHN REINHART, Carson, Ia.; leg broken.
PETER NELSON, of Monroe, Neb., taken to St. Francis hospital with his chest crushed, in a dying condition.
MRS. D. K. SEATON, Harrisbury, Ill., taken to the Arcadia hotel; is suffering from a broken back. Her death is expected.
G. H. MCCREARY, Dallas, Tex.; severely injured.
EUGENE H. HALTACHER, Eau Claire, Wis., slightly bruised.
D. H. HOGAN, Lancaster, O., cut on back of head, slightly injured.
EMIL KAUHER, 215 Johnson street, Chicago, severely injured.
MRS. D. K. HETON, Harrisburg, Ill., sprained back, slightly injured.
W. L. BALL, Decatur, Ill., sprained ankle.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 15 Aug 1909



Train Crew to Stand Trial on Charge of Criminal Negligence.

Colorado Springs, Colo -- The coroner's jury which investigated the head on collision on the Denver & Rio Grande railroad at Husted, Colo, Saturday morning, when ten persons were killed and three score injured returned its verdict on Tuesday. The verdict finds that the wreck was due to criminal negligence on the part of the train crew, composed of Engineers Lezsig, and Hollingsworth, Fireman Wright, Conductor Dalton and Brakeman McElhern. The verdict also declares that the evidence shows that a defective system for issuing train orders was employed by the railroad at the time of the wreck. An order was sent to Denver to arrest the members of the train crew.

Carbon County Utah 1909-08-20