Byers, CO Train Wreck, Aug 1897 - First Report

Railroad Wreck Near DENVER.

Denver, Col., Aug. 3. --- The fast flyer on the Kansas Pacific railway was wrecked this morning, about forty miles east of Denver.

Two trainmen were killed outright and five passengers are said to be fatally injured, and many others badly hurt.

The wreck was caused by a washout. The heavy rain of the night flooded the streams and carried out a portion of a small bridge which spans Comanche creek between Byers and Strasburg. The train was on time and was running along at the usual speed when approaching the point of the accident. Without warning the engine plunged into the abyse [sic], followed by the mail and baggage car and two coaches.

The engine was completely under the water in almost the middle of the stream, and Engineer WARD was under it. OSCAR E. INGRAM, the fireman, escaped death, but he is reported to be badly hurt.

Daily Enquirer Utah 1897-08-04