South Park, CO Train Wreck, Oct 1888

Accident on the Midland.

An accident which might have proved fatal to many occurred on the Colorado Midland railroad Friday at midnight.
The east-bound express train was wrecked on the Platte river bridge, seven miles west of Spinney in South Park. The engine was pulling the train, consisting of a baggage and a day coach and two sleepers, at the regular rate of speed. When nearing the bridge a cow was seen by the engineer lying on the track, but before he could stop the train the engine struck the cow with considerable force, passing over it and pulling on to the bridge. The baggage and day coach passed over the animal in safety, but when the sleeper struck it the rails spread and the car was derailed and pulled on the bridge on the ties.
Both sleepers were full of passengers who were about retiring for the night. Soon as the sleepers touched the bridge the first one was precipitated in the ditch, a distance of only four feet. The front trucks of the second car went down into the river and the rear trucks remained on the bridge.
The passengers were shaken up considerably and some were injured pretty badly although not seriously.
Traffic Manager COLBRAN was following the ill-fated train in his special and was on the scene of the accident almost as soon as it occurred, and attended to the clearance of the wreck. After extricating the men, women and children from the sleepers and ascertaining their injuries, Manager COLBRAN had coffee and brandy given them from his private car. A camp fire was built and all made the best of the situation until assistance, which had been telegraphed for, arrived. In the morning a special train from Colorado Springs was sent to the scene of the accident and the passengers brought to that city.
There were fully 100 people on the wrecked train. As far as can be learned the following were those who received injuries, although all were badly shaken up:
REV. MYRON W. REED, cut about the face, internal injuries, not serious, however, also badly bruised.
MR. BACHELDER of Leadville, a mining man, badly shaken up and a few scratches.
MR. JOE PEASE of Glenwood Springs, shaden [sic] up and bruised.
MRS. _________ of Leadville injuries to limbs, unable to walk, face and neck badly cut and bruised.
MRS. CHARLES HILL, back and spine hurt.
TWO LADIES whose names could not be obtained, each having their right arm badly bruised and unable to use.
Pullman Conductor MICHAELS, shoulder dislocated.

White Pine Cone Colorado 1888-10-26