Norwalk, CT Lillian Gish Bitten by Dog, Sept 1930

Lillian Gish Bitten In Separating Dogs

NORWALK, Conn., Sept. 1.--(AP.)--Lillian Gish, actress, was nursing a lacerated hand today, suffered when a mongrel dog bit her as she attempted to rescue her Sicilian puppy from its attack.

She brought the puppy with her from Europe Saturday and was exercising it soon after her arrival here which a stray dog pounced upon her pet.

She seized the mongrel to pull it off her pet and the animal snapped at her, inflicting gashes in the palm of her left hand.

The wounds were treated at the Norwalk hospital after which she returned to the McCullough home which her mother, Mrs. Mae Robinson, has taken for the summer with her other daughter, Dorothy Gish.

Brownsville Herald, Brownsville, TX 1 Sept 1930