Hartford, CT Train Wreck, Dec 1906


Caboose and a Freight Car Burned Near Hartford.

HARTFORD, Conn., Dec. 30.---The first section of the Boston to New York passenger express train to-night ran into the rear of a slowly moving freight train about a mile below this city.

The express struck the freight at a reduced speed, but the jar overturned a lighted stove in the caboose and this set both the caboose and the rear freight car on fire, both being burned. Two men were in the caboose, but got out safely and no one was injured. The tracks were blocked for two hours.

The New York Times, New York, NY 31 Dec 1906


Casualty of the accident

I'm currently indexing deaths in 1906 Connecticut and came across a death related to this accident. The name is William J. Foley age 30 whdied in Hartford Hospital from "shock R.R. accident " . On January 22 1906. He was a farmer.He was born in Newbury port, Massachusetts. He was married, but the record does not record his parent's names. His attending physician was C.T. Cobb, M.D.o