East Thompson, CT Railroad Station Fire, Nov 1899


Railroad Station, Engine House and Signal Tower Burned Down.

New London, Nov. 7.---The railroad station at East Thompson, Conn., on the main line, Midland division, of the Consolidated Road, together with the engine house, signal tower and contents of ticket and freight offices, were destroyed by fire yesterday morning. The loss was $1,000, which was covered by insurance. The fire will cause a deal of inconvenience to the railroad people, as East Thompson is a junction point, the branch to Webster and Southbridge connecting with the main line there, and the destruction of the engine house, station, etc., will cramp the railroad in the handling of freight business and passenger traffic.

S. H. Storms is station agent. When he left the station Sunday night everything was all right.

The cause of the fire is unknown. The watchman at the engine house and the night telegraph operator knew nothing of the existence of the blaze until flames burst from all portions of the station.

New Haven Evening Register, New Haven, CT 7 Nov 1899