Waterbury, CT Train - Carriage Wreck, Oct 1899


Miraculous Escape for Many Passengers at Waterbury Last Night.


Over a Dozen People Were Tossed Heavenward at the Main Street Crossing---The Cause Was the Lateness of the 9 O'clock Train.

Waterbury, Oct. 5.----What came very near being a dreadful crossing fatally occurred last evening at the West Main Street crossing on the Naugatuck Division. The two-horse bus Alpha, which runs between this city and Morningside was struck by the northbound train due to leave this city at 9 o'clock and thoroughly demolished, while the passengers, numbering over a dozen in all, were thrown in every direction about the crossing. A number received various cuts and bruises, but the only man seriously injured was the driver of the vehicle, Edward Fuller, who, though badly hurt, will recover, with careful nursing. That there were not more seriously injured or killed is nothing less than miraculous.

For over a year a sort of stage line has been in operation between this city and Morningside, a tract of land or settlement about two miles up the Watertown road. Hourly trips were made, sometimes the two-horse 'bus Alpha being used in the busier hours, particularly morning and night, while during the way the smaller wagon named Morningside, drawn by a single horse, was put in service. The starting point of the line in this city was at the Green, and many people have been carried back and forth during the day and evening.

Last night was no exception and the patrons of the line were many. When the stores are open the 9:15 trip is always the heaviest and last evening the two horse old brown bus was full when it started from the Green. Just how many were in the bus no one seems to know but from all accounts there were at least a dozen.

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