Chapinville, CT Scoville Mansion Fire, Jan 1917


Fire Destroys Connecticut Show-place, with loss of $175,000.

CHAPINVILLE, Conn. Jan. 13--The gray stone mansion of Mrs. Nathan C. Scoville of New York, one of the show places of Litchfield County, was burned early today. The loss on the house is placed at $175,000, and as none of the contents was saved there probably is an additional loss of upwards of $100,000. The house furnishings included many works of art, rugs, paintings, and tapestries.

Robert Scoville of New York, a son, here for the week-end, attended a barn dance at the home of W. B. Rand, a neighbor, and when he returned found the house afire. The caretaker and his wife were awakened, but while adjoining property was saved, the progress of the flames in the mansion could not be stayed. Daylight found only the stone walls standing.

The Scoville mansion, built in 1894, and used by Mrs. Scoville as her Summer home was architecturally a modified design of a castle. Robert Scoville believed that a defective flue in the upper fireplace of the main chimney was responsible for the fire.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Jan 1917