Canaan, CT Train Wreck, Jan 1896


Narrow Escape of Four Railroad Men Last Night.

Canaan, Conn., Jan. 9.---Word was received here this noon that the crew of the West End local freight train on the Philadelphia, Reading and New England Road, running between this place and may brook, N. Y, the western terminus of the road, had narrow escapes from death at that place early this morning. The men, four in number, have a coach fitted up for sleeping purposes, with bunks on each side and a stove in one end. A rousing fire was built last night in the stove to keep our the cold, and the men went to sleep.

At 3 o'clock they were awakened by the smell of smoke, which filled the car. Flames were spreading around them, and escape was all but cut off. They finally succeeded in leaving the car in their night clothes, all four being badly burned. Brakeman Michael McGuire was seriously burned and it is feared will not recover. George Blake, of this place, James Keenan and Samuel Drum, the other occupants of the car, were badly injured, but will recover. Four freight cars standing on either side of the coach were also burned. McGuire is a brother of Conductor Martin McGuire of Hartford.

How the fire originated is not definitely known, though it is supposed to have originated from the stove.

The New Haven Evening Register, New Haven, CT 9 Jan 1896