Lord's Island, CT Steamer GRANITE STATE Burns, May 1883



Hartford, Conn., May 18. -- A special to The Courant from Goodspeed's Landing says:
The steamer Granite State, hence for New York, burned to the water's edge at 4 o'clock this morning. She had a large freight, and is a total loss. She lies sunk on Lord's Island, just above the landing. Five persons are missing. The body of the second cook (colored), named JACKSON, has been recovered.

The Granite State was owned in this city by the Hartford and New York Transportation company. She cost the company, originally, $25,000, but has siince been thoroughly overhauled and repaired, at a cost of $30,000, making the whole cost $55,000; insured for $40,000.

Later -- The steamer Granite State was destroyed this morning while approaching the dock at Goodspeed's Landing, forty-one miles below Hartford, on her way to this city. The flames spread so rapidly that nothing was saved. Five lives are known to have been lost, four by burning and one by drowning. The drowned person was MRS. DR. C. L. MAINE, of New Haven, who with her husband jumped into the river. The husband reached the shore.

An effort was made to reach the dock, but the fire spread with such rapidity that it was found impracticable. Her stern was swang in, however, and most of the crew and passengers jumped from the burning steamer to the wharf, while some jumped into the river and swam ashore. It is not known how the fire originated. The bodies of the persons burned cannot be identified. One body already identified es that of the second cook, named JACKSON, and two bodies, supposedly is T. A. GRAHAM, an engineer. The other, is unknown.

Nine horses were also burned. The cargo was mostly freight billed to this city, which is a total loss. The steamer's hull has floated down the river, about half a mile below the landing. Nothing is vixible above water, but her gallows frame, walking beam.

The Evening Gazette Cedar Rapids Iowa 1883-05-19


Additional Information from the New York Times New York 1883-05-19

A listing of the survivors:
Capt. J. R. SLOANE; MRS. FRANCES COLEMAN; MRS. M. O'BRIEN; A. DUBES; MISS MARY HUNT; S. STEIN; TERENCE CAMPBELL; J. HOFFMAN; A. S. HART; MISS CARRIE VAN BUREN; J. HURD and wife; MRS. J. HUNT, Hartford; MRS. CLARA STOVE; L. L. ELLSWORTH; P. McGILL; MISS C. A. LOVERING, New York; JOHN MILLER; JAMES STOCKBRIDGE, Brooklyn, N.Y.; G. M. PRATT, wife, and two sons; D. H. CHASE; G. F. PRATT, Middletown, Conn.; J. LOVELL, Holyoke, Mass.; HELEN LOUNSBURY, Kerhankson, N.Y.; J. P. POMEROY, Blue Hills, Me.; J. R. BOOTH and wife, Enfield, Conn.; MRS. ELIZA McCRACKEN, East Berlin, Conn.; D. F. GREEN, Springfield, Mass.; C. S. BRAINARD, wife, and servant, Middle Haddam, Conn.; F. H. SNEATH, Farmington, Conn.; JOSEPH JOHNSON, Manchester, Conn.; C. L. MAIN, New Haven; JOSEPHINE ARILESH; EDMUND WHITE; M. BOLAN; PAT BOYLE; MARY SULLIVAN; J. JONES; TOM ROACH; PAT HEALEY; B. CAREY; N. DWYER; HONORA KINLEY; KATE ROSEY; M. CONROY, immigrants.