Huntington, CT Tornado, Sept 1901


Path Swept Through Huntington Village--One Man Fatally Hurt.

Special to The New York Times.

ANSONIA, Conn. Sept. 16.--A tornado that swept in a fifty-foot patch through the farming community of Huntington last evening tore the three-story house of John Frawley from its foundations and turned it completely over. Mr. and Mrs. Frawley, who were at tea, were caught in a mass of debris and Mr. Frawley was fatally hurt.

The wind came with a roar like an express train. Trees were snapped squarely off, barns blown down, and telegraph poles torn from the ground.

The barn of Oscar Hubbell completely disappeared. Not a board has been found. Eight other barns were practically destroyed. A five-acre field of tall corn belonging to Daniel McGuire was left entirely bare of vegetation. That the tornado swept a territory thinly inhabited and with houses well sheltered is all that prevented serious loss of life. It was accompanied by lightning and torrents of rain.

The New York Times, New York, NY 17 Sept 1901