Bridgeport, CT Seaside Park Drowning, Jul 1905


Occurs Under Very Peculiar Circumstances

Bridgeport, Conn., July 30.--A drowning marked with peculiar circumstances occurred late yesterday at Seaside park. The victim was Miss Lillian Brabner, aged fourteen. The girl was sitting on the shore with a companion, Miss Cotton, aged fifteen, when Joseph Barrett, aged twenty-two, and Frederick Butler, aged twenty-one, approached. The men caught the hands of the girls and ran into the water with them. Miss Cotton succeeded in escaping from Butler, but Barrett took the Brabner girl out into deep water, despite her struggles to escape.

When about 100 yards from the shore, Barrett told Miss Brabner to save herself, as he had a cramp. He swam to a rowboat on which he was taken and the girl sank out of sight. Barrett then dove for the girl, but could not find her. Others swam to the spot and her body was recovered. Barrett came ashore, where he begged for something warm for the cramps from which he said he was suffering. He appeared to be in extreme pain.

Barrett was arrested, but later released.

The Marion Star, Marion, OH 20 Jul 1905