Burnside, CT Tornado, Sept 1886


HARTFORD, Conn., Sept. 12.--A cyclone passed from southwest to northeast through the edge of Burnside, four miles east of here, at 7 o'clock tonight. Its course, fortunately, was mostly through woods, where it cut a path an eighth of a mile wide. In the edge of Burnside the cyclone wrecked the barn of Mahlon Forbes, unroofed his house, and then apparently passed up over the houses and went off to the northeast.

The New York Times, New York, NY 13 Sept 1886




HARTFORD, Conn., Sept. 13.--Particulars of the damage done by the cyclone in Burnside, in the town of East Hartford, could not be gathered last night, because of the bad working of the telegraph and telephone wires. The track of the cyclone extended over a distance of a mile, and was not over 12 rods wife at any point. It seems to have first struck a field of corn, which was flattened, and then went a distance of nearly half a mile, touching nothing but a small shed. Then it struck the barn of Mahlon Forbes, in Burnside, and swept away the east and west ends, without damaging the centre. The house, close by, was twisted from its foundations; the shingles were torn off, and pieces of tin from the roof of an extension were found a mile away this morning. A lot of chickens in a coop were ground to pieces. Mr. Forbes and a daughter, who were in the house, were prostrated as they attempted to reach the front door. They supposed the house had been struck by lightning. Several houses close by were fortunately out of the track of the cyclone.

An immense oak tree on the premises of Mrs. Charles Forbes had every limb twisted off, and other trees were stripped of branches. The house, within a stone's throw of the trees, was not damaged. The next point where great damage to trees was a thick grove of large trees covering about two acres. These were uprooted and piled up, a mass of broken timber. The great force of the wind is shown at this place. On the same grounds, not far away, several apple trees were either torn up by the roots or broken off. There the cyclone appears to have spent its force and to have divided, as no trace of damage is discovered beyond. This is the second disturbance of the kind which has occurred in Burnside within two years. South Windsor, adjoining East Hartford, was visited about a year ago. Since the great disaster in Wallingford, in 1879, there have been cyclones at Windsor, East Windsor, Burnside, Niantic, Hadlyme, Winsted, and two or three other places in Connecticut.

The New York Times, New York, NY 14 Sept 1886