New Haven, CT Fall from Stair Railing, Aug 1900


JOHN JOHNSON, a Swede, Meets Death in an Unusual Manner.

He Had Stopped to Rest Himself on a Stair Railing, and Losing His Balance, Fell Backward---The Fall Fractured His Skull and He Died.

JOHN JOHNSON, a Swede, an inmate, fell off a railing at Springside Home this morning, and died from the injuries he sustained by the fall. His skull was fractured and he lived but a short while.

Johnson was formerly employed at the shops of the L. Candee Company. He lived at the corner of Woolsey and James Streets, where his wife and two children reside at present. He had been drinking heavily and he was sent to Springside Home for treatment.

This morning he had just taken a bath and he walked up the stairs leading to the door on the second floor of the home. He was rather weak and as he reached the head of the stairs he sat on the railing to rest. His back was turned against the open. While sitting there he lost his balance and fell over. He struck on his head after a fall of about 13 feet. His skull was fractured and he was internally injured. Physicians were summoned but they could do nothing for the injured man. He expired without regaining consciousness.

Johnson was a peaceable man and well liked by his shopmates. He was [illegible] 7 years old and had lived in this country about five years.

New Haven Evening Register, New Haven, CT 18 Aug 1900