Stamford, CT Lightning Strikes Mansion, Aug 1900


Bolt Tears Two Great Holes In Roof of the Edifice


Guests and Servants Unconscious of All Danger While the Electric Fluid Was Ripping Things Up--Damage Amounts to [ineligible].

Stamford, Aug. 18.---Lightning struck H. L. Camman's handsome mansion in Palmer's Hill early yesterday morning causing considerable damage. The bolt struck the house in the height of a heavy thunder storm. Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Melten and Mr. and Mrs. Ayres of New York and several servant girls were in the house at the time. They were asleep and though the bolt struck the house with sufficient force to tear two great holes in the roof they remained entirely unconscious of their danger.

When the inmates of the house awoke in the morning they were conscious of a heavy sulphur-like odor and on investigating discovered this holes in the roof of the mansion. A peculiar feature of the incident is that nothing in the interior of the house was injured by the fluid. It is supposed that the bolt found its way out through a window lowered at the top.

The damage will be covered by a few hundred dollars. It is being repaired today.

The Camman residence is one of the finest mansions in town. It was built a few years ago for Camman, on a commanding site on the summit of Palmer's Hill at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars. It adjoins the Havemeyer mansion.

New Haven Evening Register, New Haven, CT 18 Aug 1900