Ansonia, CT Train Wreck, Jan 1900


Four Cars Derailed on the Naugatuck Division and Line Blocked.

Ansonia, Jan. 6.---Because a rod dropped from a freight car on the Naugatuck division, four cars were derailed, a rail broken and torn up, and the main line blocked for nearly an hour yesterday morning.

The train was a freight bound from Bridgeport. Engineer Sherman was at the throttle and Conductor Colgan was in charge. There were 23 cars in the train, many of them empty, and it was getting under full headway.

A connecting rod of the brakes dropped and fell between the rail of the switch and that of the main line. The wheels of the car passing over it, jammed it tight and the four succeeding cars as they passed over the obstruction were lifted from the rails and thrown on to the ties. The heavy train could not be stopped inside of 300 feet.

The accident occurred about 8:30 o'clock and it was not until 9:13 that the cars were restored to the rail and the line opened. For that reason the through New York train at 8:43 had to go to Derby Junction over the Berkshire tracks and with 10 minutes late in leaving Ansonia.

The brake rod which did all the mischief was broken by the wheels of the cars which passed over it, an inch and a half piece of wrought iron being cut completely battered. The rails of the switch were loosened, and one was completely cut in two by the cars, half of it being torn from the tiles.

The New Haven Evening Register, New Haven, CT 6 Jan 1900