Bridgeport, CT Boy Saves Sister from Fire, Aug 1900


Robert Germain, Aged 10, Saved His Little Sister's Life.

Bridgeport, Aug., 20--Rena Germain of Whiting Street, is at the Bridgeport hospital suffering from probably fatal burns. She is only five years old and if she lives she owes her life to the heroic actions of her brother Robert, aged 10. While playing with matches early yesterday the little girl ignited her night-robe. The inflammable material blazed up in a second and she was enveloped in flames. The night-robe was entirely burned.

The child screamed but her father was out and her mother on the floor below. However, Robbie heard her agonized cries and ran to the room. His sister was writhing in pain on the floor, with flames all about her.

Robbie heroically attempted to smother the flames with his bare hands. He succeeded and probably saved his sister's life. Both of his hands were so badly burned that the skin dropped from them and he will probably carry the marks of his heroism for life.

Help soon arrived and the children were made as comfortable as possible until the ambulance and Dr. Ivers arrived. The burns of both children were temporarily dressed and the little girl was later taken to the hospital. She is burned all over the body.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 20 Aug 1900



Clara Germain, 5 years old, of Bridgeport, was badly burned yesterday while playing with matches. She was in the bath room at her parent's home on Whiting Street when her dress caught fire from the matches. Her brother, Robert, 10 years old, called for help when he saw his sister in flames and he pulled the burning clothes off her body, saving her life. He was badly burned about the hands and arms. The little girl will recover.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 20 Aug 1900