New Haven, CT Fell From Fifth Story, Oct 1900


Bowman Esher Falls From Fifth Story of Pierson Dormitory.


Member of the Class of 1904, at Yale; Pays a Severe Penalty for a Fool-hardy Attempt to Climb Along the Pierson Hall Roofs.

Bowman Esher of Chicago, a member of the Academic freshman class at Yale, this morning paid dearly for a dare-devil feat he attempted at his lodging apartments in Pierson Hall on York Street. Esher was out late last night. It was nearly 1 o'clock when he reached his room to find, on searching for his key, that he had left it inside his dormitory apartments. Esher called up some of his friends in the next room and told them he wanted to climb along the narrow edge of the roof between the two windows from their room to his own. He tied a cord around his body and began his perilous climb. He had reached his own window and was just stepping inside when he slipped, missing his footing, and dropped like a rock to the ground. The small cord which held him snapped like a string. Esher fell five flights, a distance of 80 feet. Esher did not lose consciousness when he struck the ground although his bones were heard to crack. He yelled and moaned and his friends ran for Doctors O. T. Osborne, T. H. Russell and G. S. Moulton. When they arrived Esher was half frightened to death and was in terribly agony.

He was taken to the Yale infirmary where a careful examination of his injuries was made by Drs. Russell and Osborne. It was found that Esher had sustained a compound fracture of both bones of his left leg above his ankle. His forehead was cut. It was at first feared that he had received internal injuries, but his noon it was believed that this fear was not well grounded. Esher is the son of E. B. Esher, a Chicago lawyer. His father was notified and is expected to arrive tomorrow, Esher's condition was comfortable this afternoon.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 15 Oct 1900



Yale Freshman Who Fell Out of Pierson Hall Window Out of Danger.

The condition of Bowman Esher, the Yale student who was injured by falling from the fifth story of the Pierson Hall dormitory yesterday, was more comfortable this morning. He rested quietly last night and today seemed to have largely recovered from the shock of the 60 feet fall. He is still resting at the Yale Infirmary. Dr. Thomas H. Russell set his fractured left leg. It is now certain that Esher has no internal injuries of severity and his recovery is assured. Dr. Russell said that the rumor that it would be necessary to amputate Esher's leg was untrue. Esher's parents started from Chicago yesterday. They will arrive this evening and remain with him till he is able to be about. He will not be able to resume his college duties for a month.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 16 Oct 1900



Yale Freshman Who Fell From Fifth Story of Pierson Hall In the Infirmary.

The recovery of Bowman Esher is very slow. He is still at the Yale infirmary and will not be able to leave that institution for three weeks longer. The attending physicians say that his broken leg is doing as well as could be expected, but that he must wait some time before it gains strength enough to allow him to walk on it. Of course his leg will never be nearly as strong as before he fell from the fifth story of Pierson Hall attempting a dare-devil feat in walking from one window to another. Esher has lost so much of his school year that he will go home to Chicago and be obliged to drop behind a class if he returns to Yale next Fall.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 4 Dec 1900