East Rock Cliff, CT Buggy Accident, Sept 1889


Victim of East Rock Accident Badly Bruised But Comfortable.

Miss Mary Beck of 180 Wooster Street, the young woman who was thrown over East Rock cliff Sunday afternoon, is recovering slowly. Her face is a mass of court plaster and surgical stitches where she struck in her fall down the face of the rock, but she is now able to sit up and has found that no bones weree broken, in speaking of her experience she said today:

"I regard my escape as almost miraculous, I can remember nothing from the time I went over the stone wall near the side of the rock till I found myself hanging to the small shrub on the side of the rock for dear life. I was not coasting and was not guilty of reckless riding. My wheel struck a stone in the path and that threw me over the side of the rock."

Charles Thompson, who was with Miss Beck, says that he never expected to see her alive again after she disappeared over the side of he rock.

The New Haven Evening Register, New Haven, CT 28 Sept 1889