New Haven, CT Horse and Buggy Accident, Jun 1900


Louis H. Johnson, a Montowese farmer, was painfully injured yesterday afternoon while endeavoring to quiet a frightened hose being driven by two Branford women. The women were driving down North Hill, when they met an automobile. The horse became frightened at the contrivance and as it passed him he shied to one side of the road, overturning the buggy and throwing out the women. The horse slipped and fell as he jumped to the side of the road. Mr. Johnson’s house is near by the scene of the accident, and he, seeking what had occurred, hurried out to render assistance. The horse was struggling where he had fallen and Mr. Johnson stepped up to him to quiet him. He happened to come within range of one of the flying hoofs and it struck him in the jaw, knocking him down and stunning him. He was brought to the New Haven hospital, where it was found that the jaw was fractured, but it is not thought that any serious consequences will result.

The women, who were thrown from the buggy, were not injured, but the buggy was badly broken up. The owner of the automobile is spending the Summer at the residence of R.M. Barnes at North Hill.

New Haven Register, New Haven, CT 20 Jun 1900