Georgetown, CT School Grounds Fire, Dec 1899

Connecticut Victim of Fire Dead

Special to The New York Times.

NORWALK, Conn., Nov. 22.--Edith Fryer, who was so severely burned on the school grounds in Georgetown, died to-day. She sat on a rock under which some children had built a fire of leaves, and did not know it until her clothing was ablaze. She began to run, which only fanned the flames, and before they could be smothered she was fatally burned.

The New York Times, New York, NY 23 Dec 1899


Edith L. Fryer (1899 death)

I purchased a Physics book from Goodwill in Westport, CT. It is from 1886. Inside the front cover was the owner's name:

Edith L. Fryer April 19, 1899
Hillside Academy Georgetown, Connecticut

My wife suggested looking up the name...was shocked to see this story about poor Edith here on this site. She burned to death on school grounds November 22 1899. I have no other info other than the info written on 1st page of book and what was in this website. I spent a couple hours but could not find anything. I did find out that Hill Academy was founded as a High School in the 1880's in Redding/Georgetown, CT. This school was turned into town hall in redding so that is going to be my first stop.

With respect to Edith, we would like to know a little more about her, perhaps even a picture. This persons life was cut so short and in such a tragic way. We would like to put a face to the name and maybe find out where she was buried so that we may say a prayer for her. I feel I have this book for a reason and I want to at least try my best to find any unanswered questions. Thank-you!
-Curious in Connecticut. 10/13/14