New Haven, CT Fishing Boat Accident, Aug 1898


They Had Floated in a Dory for Three Days--Were Nearly Famished.

New Haven, Conn, Aug. 30--The small two-masted schooner Thistle of St. John, N. B. came into port today, having on board two fishermen picked up from a small boat off Highland Light, Mass. The fishermen at Thos Fortune, aged 29 years, and Joseph Croft, 53, both of Newfoundland, and they belong to the crew of the Boston fishing schooner Arthur Binney.

The latter vessel sailed from Boston Aug. 15, for the fishing banks. After securing [sic] at Newburyport on Tuesday, she sailed to the fishing grounds, and men were sent out in dories to set the trawls. They were 70 miles southeast of Highland Light when a dense fog set in and the schooner was unable to find the dory. The little boat drifted about for three days and was finally picked up by the Thistle. The men were exhausted, having been without food, except raw fish, from Wednesday until Friday.

Boston Journal, Boston, MA 31 Aug 1898