New Haven, CT Silverware Factory Fire, Sept 1882



NEW-HAVEN, Sept. 26--The factory of Maltby, Stevens, Curtis & Co., manufacturers of hollow-ware and German silver spoons, in Shelton, was destroyed by fire at 2 o'clock this morning. The flames started in the casting-room, where there were several furnaces, and, as the floors were oil-soaked and the stock of an extremely combustible nature, spread with great rapidity and defied the efforts of the watchman to put them out with the small hose with which the factory was provided. The building was completely gutted, and the stone walls which are still standing will have to be pulled down. While the fire was in progress, Alexander Wahlig, the proprietor of a boarding-house near by, went out to watch the burning building and returned in an hour. On entering his door he fell dead on the floor. He had been complaining of illness for a few days, and intended to consult a physician to-day. It is supposed that heart disease, aggravated by the excitement of the occasion, caused his death.

The New York Times, New York, NY 27 Sept 1882